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Sesame Victory Stance by MrAMP Sesame Victory Stance by MrAMP

Again, while I was A-Kon 2015, I got a fan art commission from Rod Espinosa as a gift to :iconphufy: and :iconskidd-dog:, the awesome creators of UberQuest.  I thought that I’d get Sesame since she’s one of my favorite women in the series.  If the stance looks familiar, it’s because I asked for that battle stance that Cloud does in Final Fantasy VII.  Man…that game is so cool.


For those who don’t know who Rod Espinosa is, then I would immediately check out his DeviantArt page found at (  He does some pretty amazing comic work and commissions.  In fact, he has several works with multiple publishers from Dark Horse Comics to Antarctic Press.  His most famous work if memory serves correctly is The Courageous Princess.


Sesame is one of the primary protagonists from Uber Quest, a comic that belongs to :iconskidd-dog: and :iconphufy: .  Both are fantastic artists with amazing work that can be found in their galleries. They have their own comic series over at  I would recommend checking out their galleries and their comic.  They even have a Patreon with some stellar rewards over at


:iconupstairstudios: did the rendering…the freaking amazing rendering on this one.  I would STRONGLY RECOMMEND that you follow him ASAP.  It took him awhile on this one as it was done traditionally, but his amazing rendering skills made it awesome!  He’s always open for commissions.  Just send him a note.


Sesame belongs and is copyrighted to :iconphufy: and :iconskidd-dog: 

Line art done by Rod Espinosa

Rendering done by :icontonyg79:

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April 17, 2016
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